Washington Irving: An Autumn Rendezvous

During the past several weeks, I have been spending an usual amount of time researching and contemplating the first American writer to stand on the international stage–Washington Irving, who penned such beloved classics as “Rip Van Winkle” and “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.”

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Book Review: Self and Soul: a Defense of Ideals

Several weeks ago, I heard a remarkable conversation with author and academic, Mark Edmundson, about his new book Self and Soul: a Defense of Ideals, on the always engaging and entertaining Art of Manliness podcast. During this past weekend’s snowstorm here on the Eastern seaboard, I found myself sitting in my parlor and enjoying a day with no particular demands, errands, or responsibilities by attending to my first and greatest passion: reading.

In this case, I read Edmundson’s Self and Soul, largely ignoring the majestic natural beauty just beyond my window. When I’m given a choice between print and the world, print more often than not wins. Continue reading