Back Next Week … I Promise

I’m writing and editing on a tight deadline this week. Although I have hinted around my forthcoming book in past posts, I still can’t reveal any concrete details beyond its October publishing date. Sorry. I’ll post again next week. Promise. In the meantime, please enjoy my past posts. As always, I appreciate any comments. If you really miss me, check out my Twitter feed or Tumblr project.

Mr. Mogran's Study
The study of my dreams (Courtesy of the Morgan Library & Museum).


Penning an Article, Taking (Another) Pause

At the moment, my friend and I are working on an article for a very entertaining, informative, and eclectic publication. This short-term project coupled with my book manuscript will demand all my creativity during the next few weeks. My apologies for stepping away from the blog for the second time in three months. In the meantime, please peruse my past writings and leave a comment or two.

Without revealing the subject of my coauthor’s and my article or the magazine publishing it, I’ll offer this image as a preview. I hope that it stokes your imagination. Better yet, I hope that it compels you to read the article.

(Photograph by author)

Returning to the (Virtual) World …

After several months of silence, dear reader, I am returning my attention to Another Town on the Hudson. Since the summer, I’ve been working on a manuscript and teaching. Both efforts have demanded all my creativity and intelligence.

Charles E. Mills, Ben Franklin, Editor and Writer (c.1909-1920).     (Courtesy of Library of Congress)

In my free moments, I’ve been fixing up my wife’s and my home and puttering around my garden. In other words, indulging in my urban homesteading fantasies and pretending that the modern world does not encircle me. The dream of the 1890s, I guess.

St. Francis
The Garden, November 2015. St. Francis awaits the winter months.

Over the next several weeks, I plan on exploring a variety of subjects and venturing slightly away from the original mission of this blog. Jersey City will continue to be the centerpiece of this blog, but I want to discuss several of my other diverse interests, too.

I would present you with a list, but I do not wish to dampen any surprises. Until we meet again …