A New Life in Union Grove: Thoughts on the World Made By Hand Series

The Harrows of Spring concludes an eight-year fictional odyssey for author James Howard Kunstler. His four-volume World Made by Hand series began in 2008 with the novel by the same name. Each novel is set during a season within a single year. The series opens in the summer and now closes with spring, a time of new beginnings, arriving to the fictional town of Union Grove, New York. How will renewal appear and affect the small world of this Upstate New York hamlet?

World Made by Hand depicts a new landscape and world emerging from that of the old. The series is set at an indeterminate point in the very near future. The United States has suffered through warfare, terrorist attacks, localized nuclear assaults, pandemics, and a complete collapse of the power grid, energy infrastructure, and economy. Any semblance of a working military and government has withered away. Amazingly, society and civilization carries on and adapts to the difficult, if not brutal changes besetting them.

World Made By Hand
World Made by Hand novels: (clockwise) World Made by Hand; The Witch of Hebron; A History of the Future; The Harrows of Spring (Photograph by author).

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