Shadows That Never Leave Us

Robert Doisneau, “Dans un café — Boulevard St. Michel, Paris,” c. 1950-1959 (Courtesy of arnet)

Losing oneself in memories always stands as a perilous exercise. Nostalgia blinkers us to the more painful or uncomfortable details of our past and convinces us to undervalue or ignore the places and people forming our present. Nonetheless, when looking backward, we often recognize a specific individual, happening, or moment that will forever haunt us, whispering of a feeling, wonder, or joy which we will never again encounter in this world. Something transcendent and ephemeral. Forever gone.

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Midnight Rambles: H. P. Lovecraft in Gotham

After months of hints, whispers, and allusions, I am honored to announce the release date of my second book. Midnight Rambles: H. P. Lovecraft in Gotham will hit bookstore shelves on November 7, 2023!

Although an overlooked chapter in H. P. Lovecraft’s life, New York City shaped him as a writer and an individual. His experiences and encounters in New York revealed both admirable and lamentable aspects of Lovecraft’s personal character. This included the inflexible racism and xenophobia that continue to tarnish his genre-bending fiction and literary legacy. In Midnight Rambles, readers will discover the adventures, mishaps, and relationships of the twentieth-century’s most influential horror writer in America’s creative capital.

Stay tuned for further details and news in the coming months. In the meantime, Midnight Rambles is available for pre-order.

Pre-publication expenses are a genuine concern for any author. If you want to support the book (or my writing in general), consider making a donation.

Hope to see you in the fall!

Listening for Autumn Leaves

Last month, I submitted my book manuscript, a biography of H. P. Lovecraft and his New York City period, to my publisher, capping nearly two years of imaginative immersion and intensive writing. Now, I’m waiting for the peer reviewers’ critiques, a nerve-racking experience familiar to anyone who has worked with an academic journal or press. All that considered, I’m ready to return to my desk. I love reading and writing in the autumn.

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