A Booklover’s Paradise

My friend and I enjoyed a recent Friday evening at the Morgan Library & Museum. We approached our visit with a seriousness and devotion associated with a religious pilgrimage.

When we entered J.P. Morgan’s study, we felt as if we were invited into a magnificent and different world. Every reader and writer longs for a private study. Most make do with a living room corner or a tiny back room. Not J.P. Morgan.

Morgan Library 2
The study of J.P. Morgan, Morgan Library & Museum. I might never be satisfied with my humble desk again. (Photograph by author)

J.P. Morgan was a collector of rare books and manuscripts and built an enviable private library. His son made it a public institution in 1924.

My friend and I silently marveled at the library’s floor-to-ceiling shelves and beautiful interior design. With this library, Morgan had access to the accumulated knowledge and stories of the world.

Morgan Library 1
The private library of J.P. Morgan, Morgan Library & Museum. Imagine reading in this room at night. (Photograph by author)

Our evening marked my friend’s first encounter with the Morgan Library. I’m confident that he’ll be returning. I know that I will.

Morgan Library & Museum, 225 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016



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