A Feline Storyteller

My wife and I are unapologetic book lovers. Every birthday, anniversary, or major holiday involves an exchange of books. While browsing the shelves of Kinokuniya, a Japanese bookstore, I happened upon The Travelling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa. A novel told from the point of view of a cat? The perfect gift.

TCATIn the beginning of the novel, Nana survives as a street cat in Tokyo until his rescue by a young apartment dweller, Saturo. Fast  forward five years, and the pair embarks upon a road trip across Japan. Saturo visits old friends each from different periods of his life, hoping that one might make a home for his beloved cat Nana. Why must Saturo and Nana part? That’s for the reader to discover.

The Travelling Cat Chronicles is a touching reflection on the bond between people and their pets. Anyone who has loved and lost an animal understands this deep and true attachment.

This is an enjoyable read with a great primary narrator–Nana. The last thirty or forty pages will move the hardest of hearts. Readers will look at their furry companions and wonder what thoughts are coursing through their minds.

I hope that you’ll share your own summer reading.

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