Another View from Brooklyn

Many journalists, commentators, writers, and everyday citizens (including yours truly) have observed how New York and other red-hot cities have grown expensive, homogeneous, and bland within the past decade or so.

Yet, inspiration stubbornly remains.

William Vale
Looking across the East River from the rooftop of the William Vale Hotel, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. (Photograph by author)

Last month, my wife gave a well-received presentation connecting Frida Kahlo and perfume at the William Vale Hotel on the waterfront in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Think Olio sponsored the event.

Before the talk, I marveled at the inspiring view of the Manhattan skyline from the hotel’s rooftop. The approaching summer night felt expectant and vast. Anything seemed possible.

Such sights stand as the urban response to the epic vistas of the natural world. I hope that I shall always see the magic and wonder in both.

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