Lovecraft & New York: My Second Book

Over the past several weeks and months, I’ve cryptically alluded to new projects on the blog. (I’ve been more forthcoming on social media.) Last month, I signed a publishing contract for a biography on the seminal horror writer H.P. Lovecraft and his years in New York City with Fordham University Press.

(Courtesy of Library of America)

This book will chronicle Lovecraft’s experiences in Gotham and discuss his lifelong relationship with cities. Lovecraft was an urban creature.

I discovered Lovecraft’s fiction during my freshman year in high school, and his stories never ceased haunting my imagination. You might say that I’m excited to sit down at my desk and begin working.

The book is several years away–I just started writing in earnest–but I hope to offer reports throughout the process. That being said, my blogging might become irregular.

If you have your own thoughts on Lovecraft or his writing, I would love to learn about them.

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